What is a ventilation
supply unit for?

Few people think about why clean air in the house is needed. They think it is enough to open a window and no problems will arise. However, a huge amount of contaminated particles and dust enters through windows, so it is important to know how to organize the correct air exchange. Supply ventilation will help to cope with this task.


“Few people think about
why clean air in the
house is needed.”

Thanks to the uniform distribution of air
over an entire area, it is possible to provide a healthy
and comfortable environment for people within a given space.

The supply ventilation system is a system through which fresh air is supplied from the street to the interior of a room. Before the air is passed through, it is purified from substances that can harm human health. Thanks to the uniform distribution of air over the entire area, it is now possible to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for people in the room.

    The supply ventilation unit is used in:

  • apartments;
  • shops;
  • offices;
  • sports halls;
  • warehouses, etc.

The installation of ventilation supply in ecologically polluted areas of the city with saturated road traffic, numerous industrial enterprises and landfills is especially relevant. You can learn more about installation from our professionals.

Supply ventilation system for a private house and apartment

The ventilation supply system is suitable for installation both in a private house and in an apartment. It is an indispensable part of the comfort and health of any household. It will not only provide a regular supply of clean air, but also reduce the likelihood of fungus. The well-being and performance of residents with this device directly depends on the quality of its work.

    The main elements of the ventilation supply systems are:

  • fans;
  • heat exchanger (it can be electric or water);
  • filters;
  • elements for reducing noise insulation;
  • automation elements;
  • air ducts.

The supply unit for a private house and apartment plays no less important a role than for any other premises. Such ventilation is especially relevant at high humidity, which, in combination with temperature changes, leads to the formation of mold and mildew, ruining whatever renovation has been made and thus leading to large financial costs.

Functions of the air processing unit

In addition to its main function, such as supplying fresh air inside the room, ventilation systems have several additional ones. Among them are:

  • air purification from smoke and allergens;
  • regulating the humidity in the room;
  • reducing the likelihood of mold formation in the room;
  • getting rid of condensation on the windows;
  • temperature control (heating of the supply air).

If the ventilation is installed correctly and works correctly, bad odors will be discharged outside through the hood even before they spread throughout the house.

Types of supply units for houses and apartments

There are many options for ventilation systems of this type, both duct and local. They can also be passive and active. Supply-type installations for apartments and houses are of three types:

  • valves;
  • mechanical aired;
  • breathers.

The valves are not equipped with a filtration system and are not heated, therefore they are suitable for installation in quiet and environmentally unpolluted areas. Mechanical units differ in different power levels. They have a dust filter, as well as a control panel and remote control. Breezers are compact air handling units that are the latest the achievement of technology. They cleanse, moisturize, disinfect and warm the air. The choice of device depends on the climatic conditions of the area, the environmental situation, the characteristics of the building and the budget available.

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