What AIRNANNY A7 is made of

In today’s market there are a variety of ventilation systems that allow you to organize the correct and effective air exchange in the house. However, the most functional of them is Atmeex’s AIRNANNY A7 ventilation system, which not only creates ideal air in the house, but also humidifies it, making it possible for the whole household to enjoy good sleep and rest.


“Why is the AIRNANNY A7
the most efficient
supply system?”.

Thanks to the excellent filtration rate of
AIRNANNY A7, you get clean and humidified
indoor air.

Thanks to the excellent filtration rate of the AIRNANNY A7, you get clean and humidified indoor air. Thanks to this, your state of health will improve, your efficiency will increase and drowsiness will disappear.

The advantages of the AIRNANNY A7 ventilation system are:

  • quick and efficient ventilation with closed windows;
  • elimination of harmful odors and all types of pollutants;
  • safe heating of air without burning oxygen;
  • soft air humidification;
  • lack of high humidity zones in the room;
  • disinfection of water before feeding into the humidifier with ultraviolet radiation;
  • automatic maintenance of the required microclimate parameters;
  • getting rid of dust;
  • the ability to independently choose the settings;
  • easy control using the remote control or smartphone app;
  • low noise level;
  • reliability and long service life.

The device is simple and easy to maintain. Filters are quick to remove and easy to clean. The process of replacing them does not take long. Noise-insulated case, complete absence of sound signals and low-noise fans make this system an ideal option for homes and apartments. It is a reliable barrier against harmful microorganisms, allergens, fluff, wool and mold spores.

The Complete set of Systems

The basic equipment of AIRNANNY A7’s high-tech multifunctional system is designed for conditions with moderate air pollution. It is suitable for apartments, private homes, kindergartens and other premises with an area of ​​no more than 50 square meters. There are also other sets, each of which is equipped with additional options. All of them are shown in our catalog. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with each of them in order to choose the best option for your home.

Airnanny A7 start: the unit is equipped with a special filter that traps even the finest dust, pollen, fungal spores, wool and various allergens. There is also a charcoal filter that prevents the intrusion of tobacco smoke, gases, exhaust and unpleasant odors from the street into the room.

Airnanny A7 babycare is a unit that, in addition to all of the above filters, has a high-purity filter that traps fine particles, odors and harmful emissions from factories. A built-in CO2 sensor allows you to monitor the level of air pollution.

Airnanny A7 forever differs from other configurations because of the presence of a unique photocatalytic filter, which uses ultraviolet radiation and titanium dioxide, to decompose harmful odors, formaldehydes and tobacco smoke, as well as turns pathogenic bacteria and viruses into harmless components.

Air humidification in all three trim levels is due to an ultrasonic humidifier. Water is disinfected using an ultraviolet lamp. The cleaned fresh air is heated by a ceramic heater. The AirControl function allows you to automatically maintain the required temperature and humidity. AIRNANNY A7 has a remote control which makes it easier to operate the device. The device can also be controlled via a smartphone on the IOS and Android platforms.

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