The working principle of ventilation with a breather

Ventilation is responsible for the exchange of air masses in an enclosed space. It performs the following main functions:

  • Draws in the air stream from the street into the room, cleansing, humidifying and warming it up as needed.
  • Provides the necessary climatic conditions within a living space.

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How does a kitchen hood work in an apartment and a house?

Ventilation in the apartment is either forced or natural. The second option works without additional elements. Air simply enters through windows or doors, and then goes out through the hood through the ventilation ducts to the street. The principle of operation is based on the difference in temperature and pressure between outside and inside. However, the ventilation pipes get dirty: you have to contact a specialist. The incoming fresh air through the window is saturated with harmful substances. Additional noise also penetrates into the living space, and in winter, well you have to factor in the cold.
Compared to the natural method, the forced method has many advantages. One of the most effective methods is forced ventilation with filtration – a breather.
This is a compact device that has a lot of advantages:

  • Cleans and heats the incoming air from the street
  • It can be conveniently and organically arranged in an apartment with any design.
  • You can ventilate the room while far from home using the application on your smartphone

Breezers: Special Features

Breezers ensure the flow of air from the outside and have the following elements in their configuration, which perform unique functions:

  • The fan draws in fresh air flow into the room. Its power level is of great importance for air injection. But one fan located in the wall will not be able to fully work. It will draw in the air, which will be polluted, and in winter it will also be cold.
  • Filters prevent the penetration of particles from the external environment into the room in the form of wool, fluff, dust, pollen, as well as combustion products – everything that is saturated with the atmosphere of the street. Some models have filters that do not allow even the smallest dirt to pass through, while others prevent only small insects and dust accumulations from entering.
  • The cold air stream that enters the room in winter warms up the heating element. There are models that work with water, as well as electrical devices. The former are used in rooms with large dimensions. Electric version – for small spaces.
  • A sound-absorbing system with sound-insulating materials prevents the penetration of annoying intrusive external noise.
  • Channels through which air is supplied. Air ducts are made of different materials: plastic, aluminum or stainless steel. It all depends on the type of ventilation system.

AIRNANNY will provide clean air
in the apartment and house

If your kitchen hood works well, you can be sure that AIRNANNY will provide your room with fresh, clean air.
AIRNANNY not only cleans, but also humidifies the air in the room. It needs to be installed if the inhabitants show symptoms such as dry mucous membranes in the mouth, nose, and skin on the hands. This means that the air in the room needs additional humidification.
There are categories of people who simply need a breather with a humidifier to live comfortably:

  • Families with kids. The device maintains the required climate in the kids’ room.
  • People with allergic diseases. AIRNANNY has high-class filters that do not allow allergens (chemical waste and harmful emissions, and pollen) to pass through. A three-stage filtration system will help to solve these problems.
  • Residents with dry skin: They feel uncomfortable dryness due to insufficient humidity in the air.

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