Photocatalytic filter AIRNANNY А7 – you are safe with it at home

The photocatalytic filter does not accumulate contaminants on its surface, but destroys them. It removes unpleasant odors, decomposes chemicals and kills harmful bacteria.


“Why is the AIRNANNY A7
the most efficient
supply system?”.

Due to the excellent degree of filtration, which
differs from AIRNANNYA7, you will get clean and
humidified air in the room.

How the AIRNANNY A7 Filter works

The filter is effective only when paired with an ultraviolet lamp. The interaction of the filter coating and UV rays form strong oxidants, which react to cleanse the air even of microscopic impurities, including very dangerous ones. And if the carbon filter in full volume cannot cope with fine dust entering the house from an open window, chemical compounds that are emitted by the furniture, floor coverings, and carbon monoxide, then the photocatalytic filter will perfectly cope with such a load. Oxidants that form on the surface interact with toxins at a molecular level and decontaminate the air, rendering it harmless. The filter is capable of decomposing even tobacco smoke and other volatile substances, removing unpleasant odor.

The Modes of Photocatalysis

The influence of UV rays acts directly on the surface of the filter, as a result, a reaction occurs – photocatalysis. It has become widespread in use for the purpose of disinfecting premises, thanks to the following abilities:

  • Destroying harmful viruses and bacteria, dust mites, mold. Due to the fact that oxidants damage the membrane, microorganisms are not able to multiply and they die.
  • Removing the effects of burnt dishes, spoiled foods, the smell of mustiness and dampness.
  • Acting very quickly – just within a few minutes.

The filter does not need to be replaced

The photocatalytic filter works efficiently for a long time, in contrast to its carbon copies, which periodically require replacement. The photocatalytic filter can be used for as long as the air cleaner is operating optimally. This is because the catalyst that covers the filter mesh remains intact.

Care and technical merits

Photocatalytic filters are easy to maintain You actually do not need to care for them at all. Vacuuming it once every 12 months is enough. There is one “but” – in no case can you wash it. Contact with water is contraindicated.You save a lot due to the fact that the filter does not need to be replaced. Thus, the one-time purchase cost of the filter is fully justified by the long service life with very little maintenance required.

Professional opinions

Qualified specialists claim that the AIRNANNY A7 photocatalytic filter is a worthy representative of a new generation of air purifiers, protecting the human body from the following:

  • Allergens of various origins.
  • Various types of odors, from tobacco to food.
  • Fine dust and soot.
  • Disease-causing bacteria (e.g. mold and dust mites).
  • Viruses (flu, tuberculosis, etc.).
  • Various kinds of carcinogens.

AIRNANNY A7 photocatalytic filter performs the main task of ensuring the safety of a people in any given room in which it is present and functioning.

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