Breezer for apartments: air purification
and care for your loved ones

Fresh air is the key to good health. Residents of megalopolises suffer greatly from the lack of it. The increased content of carbon dioxide, dust, and pollen have a negative effect on the body and provoke serious health problems, as well as negatively affect general well-being. It will not work to protect an apartment, office, place of study from the abundance of harmful substances in the atmosphere with the help of ventilation. “Uninvited” guests can easily enter the room through the window. It is also impossible to refuse airing – this threatens the accumulation of allergens and an increase in the level of carbon dioxide.


“Why is the AIRNANNY A7
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Thanks to the excellent filtration rate of
AIRNANNY A7, you get clean, humidified indoor air.

The harmful effects of carbon dioxide

Even a small amount of carbon dioxide in a confined space causes serious disturbances, especially in children and the elderly. Excessive concentration of CO2 can change the composition of blood and even the human DNA.
The main consequences of a lack of oxygen in children are:

  • Decreased immunity and increased health failures
  • Decreased academic performance
  • Drowsiness and apathy, lack of physical activity
  • Dry mucous membranes, which manifests itself in coughing, rhinitis, heavy breathing is observed
  • Aggravated asthma attacks

According to the results of medical research, lack of oxygen is the cause of most common diseases associated with respiratory diseases.
An excess of carbon dioxide in the blood in older people often manifests itself in the following symptoms:

  • Perspiration, weakness and headache
  • Dizziness and shortness of breath
  • Expansion of the vessels of the heart and brain, which leads to oxidation of the blood, subsequent vasospasm and lack of contractions of the heart muscle

Ventilation options

Let’s dwell on airing in more detail. Any ventilator ought to do these main tasks:

  • let fresh air into the room from the street
  • cleans the air coming in from the street
  • heats the air to a comfortable temperature
  • and in some cases provides sound insulation

Types of ventilators

There are several types of ventilation devices:

  • Window supply valves. They can be with or without a fan. They are small devices and are placed directly on double-glazed windows. They have low productivity, are designed to serve small rooms or rooms with up to 2 people. It is not recommended to use these on lower floors, as the work efficiency decreases in summer.
    Slotted window valves: for windows with and without profile milling, as well as built-in ones – they are placed under the window sill, in the upper part and in the profiles with which some types of windows are completed.
  • Wall inlets are plastic air ducts that are installed in the wall. The package includes a grill and a cover that distributes the air. They differ from window supply valves by the presence of heat and sound insulation. They are controlled automatically or by a damper. The most efficient models are those with a fan. Wall inlet valves do not heat the incoming air, so they are uncomfortable to use in winter. The advantage is that such a valve is designed to serve a room that can accommodate up to 5 people.

The main advantages of the valves are low cost, noiselessness and compactness. Significant disadvantages relate to low power. Also, there is no multistage purification of the incoming air. The inlet valves are equipped with filters that filter out only large particles, leaves and fluff. In winter they freeze through, which can damage the glass unit itself.
The technique with a higher functionality includes mechanical ventilators and breathers.

  • Mechanical ventilators with a fan are capable of providing forced air supply. The design resembles wall valves, but all this is attached from the inside to a special box where there is a fan and filters. The advantage is not only power and cleaning, but also heating the air, the presence of a control panel. The operation of mechanical ventilators does not depend on the state of temperature, pressure and number of storeys. Their efficiency depends on the fan power. The disadvantage is the lack of antibacterial cleaning.
  • Breathers have more functions than a ventilator. It has climate control, effective antibacterial filtration and purification. Breathers maximally protect the room from adverse external conditions. Equipped with sensors that monitor the content of carbon dioxide, they are able to serve a room of more than 5 people. They are expensive, but that justifies their functionality. The device can be wall-mounted, remotely controlled:by remote control, smartphone.

How AirNanny Breather Solves The
Issue of Clean Air In An Apartment

The AIRNANNY Breezer is an air purifier that will provide the room with clean air even with the windows closed. Air is blown into the room by a fan and undergoes three-stage filtration. The breather is installed on the wall, under the window, or near the room heater. The device has the following advantages:

  • Easy to assemble without damaging the interior
  • Remote-controlled by phone
  • Noiseless
  • Heats the air to the required comfortable temperature and automatically maintains the set parameters
  • Ventilates the room even with closed windows
  • Air is recirculated, cleaning the air that is already in the room from dust and allergens.

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