Installation of a supply unit

One of the main conditions in an apartment and a house that allows you to stay healthy is clean air. That is why today most living quarters are equipped with a ventilation system. However, in addition to supplying fresh air, a high-quality ventilation system must also filter out various impurities. This function is especially relevant for areas with unfavorable environmental conditions.


“Installation of ventilation
is a complex and responsible procedure.”

Even a minor mistake can lead to rather sad
consequences, the elimination of which will
take a lot of time, effort and finances.

An air handling unit is one of the most effective methods for organizing proper air exchange. It ensures the supply of fresh oxygen to the interior of the room, it heats or cools, depending on weather conditions, and also cleans the air masses of harmful substances. Installation of ventilation supply units has a beneficial effect on the microclimate and the general well-being of all household members. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rules for installing this type of ventilation in this article, because if done improperly, the installation will not cope with the functions assigned to it.

Installation of supply ventilation – types

Today, the supply of ventilation systems has long ceased to be a wonder. This has become the standard and affordable solution to poor airflow for many homeowners. The installation procedure for supply of ventilation may differ slightly in each case. It all depends on the selected model of the device and the characteristics of the room.

During the installation of supply ventilation, the following main types of work are performed:

  • installation of the supply unit;
  • marking the laying of the pipeline and electricity;
  • drilling holes;
  • installation of air ducts and their thermal insulation;
  • installation of the pipeline and its connection to central heating;
  • installation of noise-insulating elements and fans;
  • electrical work;
  • installation of decorative ventilation grilles;
  • installation and connection of power supply;
  • commissioning works.

Before starting installation work, the system is designed, all the necessary calculations are performed, equipment and a place for its placement are selected, since there are devices with installation on a window and with installation on a wall. Installation is carried out at any time and takes no more than an hour. After purchasing the equipment, delivery and installation is carried out from three days. You can learn more about installation from specialists.

Why you shouldn’t deal with the installation
of supply ventilation yourself

Based on the aforementioned, it is easy to see that the installation of ventilation is a complex and responsible procedure, which only real professionals can cope with. Even a minor mistake can lead to rather sad consequences, the elimination of which will take a lot of time, effort and finances. The cost of installing supply ventilation is not too high, so it will not hit your pocket.

By entrusting the installation to specialists, you will avoid many problems. The ventilation will serve you for many years without hassle and trouble. The system will be easy to use, it will guarantee a sufficient supply of fresh air from the street inside the room with the ability to adjust the parameters in automatic mode, help get rid of unwanted odors in the house, create a healthy microclimate and optimal conditions for the well-being of your family and friends. Thanks to it, you will be able to enjoy clean and fresh air, as well as the absence of dust in the room, all year round.

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