Conditions for the provision of
warranty service.

Conditions for the provision of warranty service.

The warranty period for AIRNANNY A7 is 1 year, with the possibility of an extension.

The warranty period starts from the date of sale. If it is not possible to establish the exact date, the date of manufacture indicated in the passport is taken as the beginning of the warranty period.

You can use the warranty service only by providing a completed warranty card and a receipt confirming the purchase and its date.

Warranty service is provided if design or manufacturing defects are detected. Depending on the complexity of the repair, it can be performed on site or at a service center.

Filter replacement and maintenance are routine and not covered under warranty.

Warranty will not
be provided if:

The operating requirements, which are indicated in the instructions, are violated.

The installation was carried out independently (without our help).

You remove or damage the warranty sticker, located on the inside of the front panel.

You attempt to repair the device yourself or take it to a third-party to have it repaired.

The serial number of the device cannot be determined.

he device is damaged by natural circumstances beyond the control of the seller and the buyer.

The device suffers a mechanical damage: cracks, chips, melting.

Third-party objects or substances, animals or insects make way into the device.

The malfunction is due to improper voltage supply or power outages.

The storage conditions of the device are violated.


If you have any questions regarding warranty service, please contact our Support Service by phone 8 (800) 500-43-65


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