Are air supply systems and breezers noisy?

Our daily life is filled with extraneous noise. At some point, they have a significant impact on the overall well-being, health status and behavior of a person. It all depends on the intensity and type of sound impact. In some cases, the lack of noise also causes discomfort.


“Why is the AIRNANNY A7
the most efficient
supply system?”.

Due to the excellent degree of filtration, which
distinguishes the AIRNANNY A7, you will get clean and
humidified air in the room.

The effect of noise on our well-being

Sounds from nature are the most acceptable to the human body. Sounds like:

  • Rustle of leaves on the trees
  • The murmur of a brook
  • Singing birds, splashing waves
  • Rustle of rain

They have a positive effect on our well-being. The same cannot be said about industrial sources of noise (cars, trains, airplanes, etc.) that cause headaches and are very irritating.
The constant influence of increased extraneous noise has the following negative consequences:

  • Loss of hearing
  • Disruption of the vestibular apparatus
  • Nervous disorders (aggression, irritability, hysteria, psychopathic conditions)
  • Exacerbation of peptic ulcer (stomach, duodenal ulcer)
  • Hypertension, angina pectoris

For example, a frequency of 3000 ÷ 5000 Hz causes irritability. Systematic exposure to noise greater than 90 dB will affect hearing health. And at 145 dB there is a rupture of the tympanic membranes. Sounds of 110 dB leads to sound intoxication, this state is similar to alcohol or narcotics.

The quietest appliance: quietly ventilates and cleans

When the room is well ventilated, together with fresh air flow, we get an additional “bonus”: street noise. To protect household members from such an inconvenient addition, it is enough to purchase and install a breezer in the room. It will allow you to breathe in fresh air with the windows closed. Also, it works silently.
Before installation, many people ask questions such as:

  • Will no noise from the street enter the room through the hole in the wall (it is necessary during installation)
  • Can a plastic box prevent noise from entering the room?

And if you just install the grill on a drilled hole in the wall or use the supply valves, mid-level noise will still come from the street (approximately like through a window).
Compared to these devices, AIRNANNY breezers have proven themselves to be the best in the household goods market. They have significant advantages in sound insulation due to their design:

  • The hole in the wall is insulated with high-quality material according to modern technology of sound and heat insulation of the ventilation duct
  • The breather is installed very tightly against the wall
  • The ventilation channel is covered with a box on top
  • The damper protects against the penetration of sounds, it is made of sound insulating material and is located inside the breather. It drops when the device starts to work and rises when it is turned off.
  • The process of mounting the device to the wall is of particular importance. The fasteners are tightly tightened with screws even on uneven wall surfaces.

Which is noisier: AIRNANNY
breezers or… birds?

As for household appliances, a refrigerator and an ordinary air conditioner create a noise of 40-55 dB and interfere with sleep, provoke anxiety. Higher numbers have a washing machine or music (more than 55 dB) – lead to insomnia and irritability. A person becomes especially vulnerable in a dream. In an active daytime life, you may not notice some noise, but at night the same sounds interfere and act unfavorably.
If we analyze the operation of supply systems, and specifically, AIRNANNY breezers, then it emits a sound of up to 17 dB, operating at first speed. In terms of the degree of noise produced, it can be compared with the whispering and chirping of birds outside the window, the quiet rustle of leaves on trees or the breath of a person. Even if it operates at the 3 and 4 speeds, the noise is only slightly higher; absolutely comfortable.

The humidifier also has no effect on the increase in noise, except for bubbles in the container. The sound is as the quiet murmur of a brook. An additional source of noise can be a small fan running at high speeds. Usually, this does not irritate people, but acts on them as pleasantly as possible. It is easy to fall asleep to such sounds.

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